Skeiding is a 1200 hectare working farm that’s home to a handful of free range ostriches, 1 500 Dohne Merino sheep and a small herd of Nguni beef cattle (a very hardy African breed). During certain seasons, we also plant and harvest 600 hectare of canola, wheat, barley, coriander and peas.

Skeiding Guest Farm is operated by husband and wife, Neels and Anné-Lize Uys. Neels is the farmer, socialiser, ‘braaier’ and farmtour guide, and Anné-Lize is the baker, jam maker and money taker. We believe in doing everything with “heart” – from the way we farm to the food we prepare in the farm kitchen, you’ll see and feel our passion in every tiny detail.


Skeiding Guest Farm is more than just a farm – it’s a family home. Neels and Anne-Lize have spent many years turning this charming farm house into a warm and welcoming space that their family and guests can feel right at home in. These two energetic and fun-loving people have always approached life with an “anything is possible” attitude, taking every challenge in their stride – and life on a farm sure comes with some big challenges! Every so often you might also run into their daughter, Anné – a “city-slicker” working in the advertising industry in Cape Town. Their son, Pieter, is currently managing a farm in South Australia. Other “children” you might meet on the farm include Asterix and Tierkat, the ever-friendly dog and cat who will most likely follow you around the farm or end up on your lap when you least expect it.



Skeiding was originally part of a much bigger farm called Slangriver – named after the river that’s still running through our farm to this very day. Farmer Koos Uys then divided it into 5 sections: Andries Kraal, Goedgesind, Skeiding, Arcadia and Bergsig – our farm being the central of the five. The word “skeiding” means to divide (separate), which is where our farm’s name hails from.

Over the years Skeiding has grown from strength to strength under the keen eye and green thumb of farmer Neels Uys. We have been recognised for our natural and distinctive method of ostrich farming, whereby we allow the birds to roam freely and raise their young themselves. Free-range ostrich farms are a totally different experience to the more commercial, smaller and full-fed farms in the Oudtshoorn district. If you’re interested to learn more about our farm and experience daily farm life for yourself, be sure to accompany Neels on an early morning Farm Tour.