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Day Trips


Take a leisurely walk on the farm with our dog Jessie (maybe you will be so lucky to see the ostriches’s “love dance”). Enjoying the abundant bird life do not miss our beautifull sunsets on the “stoep”, relax in our crystal clear salt pool or just be lazy as one is suppose to be on holiday.

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  • waling the dog
  • relaxing on the patio
  • swimming pool and garden
  • chameleon in the garden

Other activities in the area can be arranged for you.

Aloe Ferox Factories

Two interesting factories to be visited at Albertinia.

Arniston / Waenhuiskrans

It has dazzling white beaches and blue water, cliffs and coves that have a special appeal to lovers of the sea. The village is named after the large cavern reputedly so big that a wagon and full team of oxen could turn inside, thus the name “Wagon house cliff” (Waenhuiskrans).

Blue Crane Farm Shop

Situated on the N2, 3 km west of Heidelberg. Set amongst farmlands, together with the products of the area, they serve as a special resting place for visitors to our area. Enjoy the their farm atmosphere, delectable light meals, fresh homebakes, dried fruit, nuts and biltong, homemade jams and preserves and smoked fish products.

Boat hire

Boats can be hired at Malagas Hotel for a leisurely cruise up and down the Breede River.
Tel: 028-542 1049


The town offers the tourist a candle factory, a shipwreck museum, an agricultural museum and many other fine examples of Cape Gothic style architecture dating from the 19th century.

Kapula Candles depicts the warm art of Africa through their beautiful candles, each of which is handcrafted and handpainted. These work of art guaranteed to light up and environment.

Buffeljagsdam Watersports

  • Abseiling
    R60.00 p/p
  • Sundowner Cruise
    R40.00 p/p
  • Fuffy Slide
    R40.00 / slide
  • Waterskiing
    Waterskiing costs R275.00 per hour for the boat and the driver, regardless of the number of people skiing.

Tel: 082 826 0121 / 028-5123787

Bungee Jumping

The historic Gouritz Bridge (built in 1892) is situated close to Mossel Bay and Albertinia on the N2. Gourits is perfect for bungi jumping and also offers an option of bridge swing, a climbing wall, abseiling and walking tours on the historic bridge.
Bungee Jumping is offered seven days a week, all year round. Jumping hours are 9 am – 5 pm. The minimum age limit is 14 years, and the minimum weight is 40 kg.

De Hoop

Definitely one of the jewels of the southen tip of Africa. Experience the diversity of habitats, the fynbos, wildlife and birdlife in abundance, the 45 km coastline with breathtaking beaches and high sand dunes. This offers spectacular whalewatching from July to November at Koppie Alleen in the Reserve.

The De Hoop vlei is easily viewed from various points in the park. It is partly located in a gorge with high llimestone cliffs and consists of a 16 km long coastal lake, formed where the mouth of the Sout River is blocked bu coastal dunes. Large numbers of waders and waterfowl frequent the vlei. De Hoop vlei is a wetland that enjoys international recognition by the Ramsar Convention.

Day visitors are welcome between 08:00 – 16:00.

Tel: (028) 542 1126 / 7


Heidelberg has a picturesque, well maintained 9-hole golf course on the banks of the Duivenhoks River. Club house and squash courts available.

Tel: 028 – 7221573

Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve

Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve is situated in the Langberg and comprises 250 ha of forest. The indigenous forest is the most noteworthy in the south-western Cape and the largest remaining example in the Langeberg. Two day walks (from 2 to 15 km) and a short cycle trail wind through Knysna high forest and mountain fynbos, with excellent bird watching opportunities.

Most of the thirty-five typical forst tree species are present, including stinkwood, yellowwood, red alder and the dominant ironwood.


Early travellers and explorers who visited the Cape in the 1500’s traded with the Khoikhoi people who lived on these shores. When the Dutch East Indian Company established a refreshment centre at the Cape in 1652, trade continued inland as far as Swellendam. In 1743 Swellendam was declared a magisterial district, the third oldest in South Africa, and was named after Governor Hendrik Swellengrebel and his wife, Ten Damme. This outlying settlement soon became a gateway to the interior, and was visited by many famous explorers and travellers as: Le Vaillant (1781), Lady Anne Barnard (1798), Burchell (1815) and |Bowler (1860).

In 1795 Swellendam declared themselves as a Republic, but this was short-lived due to the occupation of the Cape by the British. Today Swellendam is a flourishing agricultural area, and has many attractive and historic buildings which serve as a reminder of its exciting past.

The Drostdy Musem Complex

The Drostdy was built in 1747 as the official residence and seat of the landdrost (magistrate). This charming building has great architectural value, and is now a leading historical museum. The open air Drostdy Museum Complex comprises several buildings including official, town and country dwellings, namely The Drostdy, The Old Goal and Ambagswerf (Trades yard), Mayville with its beautiful rose garden, The Secretary’s House and Zanddrift which is now a popular restaurant.

Bontebok National Park

Sheltered by the rugged bastion of the Langeberg Mountains, and bordered to the south by the peaceful Breede River, the Bontebok National Park provides a refuge not only for the rare Bontebok, but also for other species such as Cape Mountain Zebra, Red Hartebeest and Grey Rhebok.The park is situated within the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest, but richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms.

Gate Hours: 07:00 – 18:00

Sulina Fairy Sanctuary

A true garden of mystery … An enchanting gallery of all things fairywise. Magical folk of every conceivable shape and size. Countless fairies, elves, imps and yes, there’s a few gnomes and goblins too ! This indeed a special place, to relive your childhood fantasies.

Bukkenberg Studio

David Schlapobersky and Felicity Potter are studio potters who have been working together in the tradition of high temperature, reduction-fired stoneware and porcelain since 1973.

A profusion of superb pots in a breathtaking environment!

Anything from enormous stoneware urns to fine porcelain cups and saucers.

Definitely worth a visit !

8 Hermanus Street , Swellendam

Tel: 028-5141644

Berry Farm

Swellendam is the largest Youngberry growing area in the world.

Cape Agulhas

It was in the fifteenth century that the southernmost tip of Africa was rounded for the first time. Early Portuguese explorers baptized this legendary tip Cape Agulhas (Cape of Needles), referring to the compass needle that showed no deviation from the true north at this point.

More than 130 ships have foundered along this 100 km stretch of coast since 1552, hence the name the “ Graveyard of ships”. In 1848 the Agulhas Lighthouse was erected to light the way of mariners rounding this beautiful but deceptive foot of Africa. To day this beacon ( second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa) still stands guard over the place where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet.

Horse Riding

Swellendam: Two Feathers Horse Trails

It is a professional run business, started in 1996. There emphasis is
tailor-made rides and quality horses to suite the needs of the riders: novice or experienced.

  • Scenic Rides in the Langeberg Mountains
  • Whale watching – De Hoop Nature Reserve Trails
  • One to three hour rides daily (Mornings & Late Afternoon)
  • Full Day Rides with Lunch
  • Overnight Rides

Contact: Stephanie at 082 494 8279

Witsand: Westfield Horse Riding

Horseback excursions over towering dunes and along white beaches are available for those individuals who crave to be just a little closer to nature than the seats of a vehicle can provided.

Contact Sandra at 0827115574 or 028-5371911


The villages of Malagas and Infanta lie on the banks of the Breede (wide) River – Infanta at the mouth and Malagas 28 km inland.

boat trips on the dam








The Malagas Pont was opened in 1860 and is still operating today – it is the only hand-drawn pontoon in the country and is certainly the most romantic way of crossing the Breede River when driving between Bredasdorp and Slangrivier.


The Attaqua Tribe of the Quena (Hottentot) people of Southern Africa, occupied the area known as Suurbraak today, which lies on their ancient trade routes.

The isolation of Suurbraak which is one of its charms, limits the financial resources of the people. Many still cook on wood stoves, using an abundance of alien vegetation that grows in this area. The people live close to the land using farming methods that belong to the past. The smaller farms are still ploughed using horse drawn ploughs. Agricultural work is often done manually. Many households own at least one cow and some horses. Horse and donkey drawn carts are often seen here on the streets.